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Just came across this site on the web that discusses flight simulator game reviews.  It offers reviews of different flight simulator games with both technichal and non-technical language and discussion.

If you are looking for a good review site for pc flight simulator programs this one might be the site for you.

Here is an excerpt of one of their reviews…

This world is changing to rapidly to call anything the best for long, however, in this case it might be true.  Flight Pro Simulator provides realistic cockpit controls, sloping

Flight Pro Sim Flight Pro Sim

 runways, 20 thousand airports and choice to fly anywhere on the planet, and even off the planet. This all helps to add to the lifelike conditions you experience when you are the Pilot. 

Airplane simulator games and flight simulator games or are rising rapidly in popularity.  Flight Pro Sim is arguably one of the best pc flight simulation packages you can buy at any price.  One feature that sets this package apart from the crowd is the number of aircrafts that you can practice and get a feel for, using this package. This airplane simulator games have more than 80 different planes on offer, and also includes helicopters, zeppelins, and spacecraft.  And new aircraft are being added regularly. This means that you can be confident of being able to fly almost every type of aircraft past or present. 

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The Website is and you can go there now or check out the game they just reviewed above.

Happy Flying!

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